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An Introduction to Coaching-In-Action


Where does it hurt? Or: Why do you need Coaching-In-Action


  • A business challenge: You need to mobilize your organization for winning a whole new game.
  • A leadership challenge: You need to change or upgrade the quality of your game. Your need whole new skill-sets as a leader and manager.
  • A team challenge: You need to rally your team to meet an extraordinary opportunity in national or international markets.
  • Lack of succession plan. You need to develop leaders around you to prepare for the future.
  • Lack of results: You need to boost productivity or increase customer satisfaction.
  • Lack of vision or strategy: You or your team to to align on a focused future.
  • Lack of trust. You sometimes wish you had a thinking partner with whom you can discuss anything and who’s 100% committed to your success.
What can “Coaching-In-Action” do for you? Or: what’s the value-add (ROI)?
  • It is a tailored process that fosters breakthroughs in the client’s ability to lead.
  • It builds a leadership and coaching culture in the organization.
  • It provides practical leadership tools that last.
  • It makes the client unstoppable: able to turn any breakdown into a breakthrough (in cost, speed or quality).
  • And it does all this in the action of achieving a targeted business challenge.

Participants’ results typically amount to many multiples of the investment. One client grew by 7% when the industry contracted by -1%. Another developed his collaborative skills, brought to market new products that did not exist before, and met his goal of €5 million. Another expanded funds by 1,000%.

What does “Coaching-In-Action” cover?
  • The program depends on client’s objectives. Typically programs are 6-12 monthly coaching sessions and 6-12 monthly coaching calls.
  • Leadership can be learned, but it takes 6-12 months to sustain new behaviors and new skills in the action.
  • Day 1: Draft vision. Commit to strategic intent.
  • Day 2: Diagnosis (missing/blockages/opportunities). Self-assessment. 360% feedback.
  • Day 3: Leadership and/or coaching breakthrough.
  • Days 4-11. Customized work sessions based on Days [COPY CAN’T BE READ] and on the Global Leader Pyramid™ (e.g. self-awareness, relationships, vision, strategy, action; breakdown to breakthrough).
  • Day 12. Sustainability. Next steps.
Who is “Coaching-In-Action” for?

Individual coaching:

  • CEOs and senior business executives.
  • Entrepreneurs and company founders.
  • Senior government, military, or nonprofit officers.

Team coaching:

  • Executive teams.
  • Boards of directors.
  • Small and medium enterprises.
Peg Thatcher, CEO, Swiss Consulting
Jan L. Solomon, Coach
Who are the coaches?
  • They are practitioners with solid track-records of enhancing clients’ performance.
  • They have demonstrated a firm grasp of both teaching and living our methodology in action.
  • They are 100% committed to participants’ success.
  • They are coached by our CEO, Peg Thatcher.
What do clients say?


Hands Passing Baton at Sporting Event
What makes Coaching-In-Action different?
  • Many conventional programs use a rigid, step-by-step blueprint not tailored to the client’s real needs.
  • Many so-called coaches are either too psyhologistic (insight without action) or too external (“hit the ball” without insight). Neither approach produces sustainable leadership or productivity breakthroughs.
  • Coaching-In-Action is a customized, systematic and [COPY UNREADABLE ON SLIDE] developed over 20+ years of high-performance coaching and based on Dr. Zweifel’s path-breaking books Communicate or Die: Getting Results Through Speaking and Listening and Culture Clash: Managing the Global High-Performance Team (SelectBooks Global Leader Series).
  • Coaching-In-Action enables the client to produce results far beyond the program cost and develop new leadership abilities – not in an abstract program, but in action, in the course of producing extraordinary results.
What makes Swiss Consulting Group different?

Australian and USA-based performance management and coaching company with coaches/trainers and facilitators available throughout the world.

Conventional Approaches SCG Approach
Rigid blueprints ignore opportunities Catalytic actions for systemic change
People treated as objects or obstacles People are the solution and the key agents
Good analysis but lack of follow-up Focus on hands-on actions and results
Quick-fix attitude at symptom level Attacking the roots of problems
Fragmentation and cultural clashes Full communication. Differences are contributions
Non-specific, cumbersome solutions Details are integral to the solution
Theory and planning, but status quo Breakthrough results
Coaching leaders to meet the future

The 3 Cs of leadership:

Cross-Cultural Strategy

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